Sunny day for a game at 4pm. Challenge accepted!

Sports photography is full of challenges, almost every single assignment we have one just in front of us. Today was the sun, the hard light, the shadows… A game at 4pm at the end of the Summer is just fine if the weather is cloudy, or rainy but, we don’t usually have this kind of conditions here at this time of the year so, I was ready to face a challenging game. I am sure I am not the only one hearing a lot of complaints from other photographers about the hard light and shadows when it comes a match like that one. But, why don’t turn the handicaps upside down and make profits from them? On my way to the stadium I was checking where the sun light came from and start thinking about preview shots, my position on the pitch during the match, how the field is divided in shadow and lit areas, and of course camera settings – I work with Canon and  I can register settings like ISO, aperture, speed, and change quickly from one to another by pressing a button, depending on the conditions of the light-. I stepped in the ground at 2pm, two hours before the kick off and checked the sun light direction right away. For that, I like to use the corner flags and see how the shadows project themselves on the grass. Once I did that, I chose my position and started shooting! First of all, I walk around the stadium to take some preview shots. Then, during the warming up time, I like to shoot some players’ portraits – like the one of Nani with the black background -, and finally, the game. You have the whole gallery here. ENJOY!!