Multiple exposure with the Canon 1d X

DAVID ALIAGA/ Multiple exposure. That is the name of one of the most amazing settings the Canon 1d X – and also the Canon 5d Mark III – bring to us. Now we can combine multiple pictures taken with our camera… right in the camera! No software and postproduction needed anymore. Being in the field of play, trying to get a multiple exposure of an action and can check it out right after a few seconds in order to change your point of view, position or camera settings… it such an improvement. Here you can read a full article by Rudy Winston about how it works. Now, to business… A few days ago I was shooting a friendly international Under 19 baseball tournament in my town, Valencia, and I wanted to try the multiple exposure. I was testing the setting during daylight games but I wasn’t happy with the results because of the background: to make the most of that kind of option in sports photography we have to look for a clear, uniform and dark or bright background, so…. I had to wait till the sun went away to use the darkness of the night. Once everything was in its right place, I use my ‘get your ass on the ground‘ tip and go even further. With my ass on the ground I couldn’t avoid the streetlights in the background so… I had to lay down like a snipper: core on the ground, extended legs and the 400mm lens handheld a few inches above the field. After a few shots with the ‘try and fail’ system, I finally set the multiple exposure setting in Average and set the shooting rate at 3 frames. The result… you can see it above.